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Your Zord Network podcast about Overwatch. Mel, Gabe, and Lee help you keep watch over Overwatch!

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Feb 14, 2017

Cheers, loves! Episode 58 of The Cavalry is here! Joining us this week are Kevin Ellis aka Multizord, and Matt Zornes aka Slambo.

Tonight the Cavalry is trying to take over the world with a discussion of multiple cartoons...including a possible upcoming Overwatch TV show? Maybe?

Activision-Blizzard released its Q4 earnings, and man, do we want a piece of that pie. and

After deciding that yeah, we should probably invest in this BUSINESS, we then discuss the eUnited team pickup:

Community content shoutout goes to cosplayer Stella Chuu!

We let Gustice rain from above by answering his question, and then that's it, folks!

Oh wait...Terry Crews as Doomfist maybe?

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