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Aug 17, 2016

Cheers, loves! Episode 36 of The Cavalry is here! Joining us this week are Kevin Ellis aka Multizord, Stephen Parrish aka Tankzord, and Matt Zornes aka Slambo. And it's a packed week...also...Zarya Week. Yes, you heard it here, folks. For all you naysayers out there, we merely say...nay. Time to stop naying say.

But the episode begins as they often do with news. And it's Gamescom time, people! Holy crap! Here's a link!

At Gamescom we can see the first glimpses of the new Assault/Escort map Eichenwalde: Seriously gonna listen to that music all day tomorrow.

Last Bastion, the new animated short, airs Thursday August 18th at 9 PST.

Blizzard sneaks in higher bandwith? Me likey breadsticks.

And for our Main Discussion, J. J. Kap Kap brings us a look at the next season of Competitive Play, found here:'s Zarya Week. Don't let the dirty jokes dissuade you, this is a high level look at Zarya that only someone like Slambo, a Zarya main can bring. And she's gonna be in Heroes of the Storm soon, WTFOMGBBQZORD!

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