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Your Zord Network podcast about Overwatch. Mel, Gabe, and Lee help you keep watch over Overwatch!

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Jul 20, 2016

Cheers, loves! Episode 33 of The Cavalry is here! Joining us this week are Kevin Ellis aka Multizord, and Stephen Parrish aka Tankzord. Woo!

This week starts off with a discussion about Ana...and wait, she's freaking out right now? Live? I'd better download the patch.

Ana Videos:


And Abilities:

Then it's a quick discussion about the Forbes article from the Heroes of the Storm team. The link's being screwy, so just search "Forbes Heroes of the Storm". I believe in yoooouuuuu!

As a Main Discussion and sort of Tournament Talk piece, the duo queue goes on to discuss the new one hero limit in Competitive and pro games. As well as briefly (for now) touched on Jeff Kaplan's Kotaku interview:

And then here are your patch notes!

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