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Your Zord Network podcast about Overwatch. Mel, Gabe, and Lee help you keep watch over Overwatch!

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Jun 8, 2016

Cheers, loves! Episode 27 of The Cavalry is here! Joining us this week are Kevin Ellis aka Multizord, Stephen Parrish aka Tankzord, and Matt Zornes aka Slambo. But we also have a very special guest.  That's right, it's Edanar (pronounced E-DAY-ner) from the Initiative Overwatch podcast! Hooowee do we have a show for y'all tonight!

After introducing Edanar, it's into the news. The Cafalry has highly differing opinions on the Blizzard/Facebook collaboration, and the link we discuss is found here:

Then, Overwatch has how many players again?

Elon Musk game endorsement! But I thought ASI supercomputers were supposed to expand beyond the realm of human understanding at an exponential speed, Mr. Musk. You need to come on the show and explain this to us.  Seriously, open invitation.

Hammer down!  The ban hammer has been dropped hard. Don’t cheat!

Onto Tournament Talk, Slambo discusses his local Las Vegas tournament scene and his team's second place finish. Let me guess that there was money on the line, because you know. Vegas.

And lastly, we bring you the latest in hero discussions during our The World Needs More Heroes section, this time featuring Zary...Junkrat! I mean, Junkrat. Hooooowee, that Hayseed skin be lookin mighty fine.

Mighty fine indeed.

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