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Your Zord Network podcast about Overwatch. Mel, Gabe, and Lee help you keep watch over Overwatch!

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Mar 9, 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen, Episode 16 is here!  Join Kevin Ellis aka Multizord and Stephen Parrish aka Tankzord as they discuss the FREAKING OVERWATCH RELEASE DATE, Open Beta, and much much more related to this amazing new announcement, found here:

Also, did we mention that Multi randomly got in the Beta? Because he did.  He feels so loved now.

Next, a very brief tournament talk discussion of the brackets of GosuGamers Weekly #7. You can always find info about these events at:

Then, Multi asks Tank about his thoughts on the split player pool in Overwatch. Will it be too much?

After that, it's onto a new The World Needs More Heroes section...and it's Tracer Week! Seriously though, at the end when we discussed Tracer's kit in Heroes--this was recorded the day before any details about it came to light.  We totally called some of it, for sure. Just tune in, if you don't believe me.

Relevant Tracer-related links:

And lastly, a discussion of last week's patch notes:

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