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Your Zord Network podcast about Overwatch. Mel, Gabe, and Lee help you keep watch over Overwatch!

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Feb 17, 2016

Unlucky Episode number 13 of the Cavalry is here, folks!  This week it's your host Kevin Ellis (@Multizord) joined of course by Stephen Parrish (@Tankzord), Matt Zornes (@slamboTV) and again with special guest-host-type-guy, Alex Keeler (@EndBossTV)!

This week we have a more thorough digestion of the beta, and what it's like to be playing Overwatch again. If you would like to taste EndBoss's salty tears about receiving currency in his Legendary loot crate, you can do so here:

After a brief discussion on that, the crew discusses their prospects as potential Community Managers of Overwatch.  The link for the job posting is here (though seriously, let Multi have it, don't click this link):

Next, it's on to the results of the GosuGamers Weekly #3 EU and NA tournaments, a general link of which is found here:

Our Main Discussion is on the topic of sensitivity...both in regard to varying control schemes, and our own feelings.

Lastly, we are skipping our The World Needs More Heroes section this week to instead focus on a map.  That is to say, Nepal (aka Nipple), one of the new Control-style maps!  Hear a wide variety of opinions and a few pocket strats to either take home and try out...or sit at home and cry about because you're not in the beta.  50% of the people on this episode feel your pain.

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