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Your Zord Network podcast about Overwatch. Mel, Gabe, and Lee help you keep watch over Overwatch!

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Jan 28, 2016

Don't worry, loves, Episode 10 of The Cavalry is here!  And this week, we have a very special guest--John Horstmann from The Payload podcast! The episode also features host Kevin Ellis (Multizord), Stephen Parrish (Tankzord) and Matt Zornes (slambo).

Seriously kids, don't do drugs, and also probably don't eat at Chipotle until they figure their stuff out.  With that said, the episode begins with interviewing John Horstmann about his history in gaming and as a podcaster.

And then the big news hits. The Overwatch Beta will not return until mid-February!  At which point we can expect a new game mode, maps to support it, a progression system and balance updates. So, plenty to look forward to.  The group speculates what these new features may entail.  A link to the forum post can be found here: 

Next, our Main Discussion segment discusses the life of the game with John Horstmann.  Will we see the same flow of content as we see in other Blizzard titles, will the Proverwatch metagame become stale over time, etc etc etc.

Lastly, this week's "The World Needs More Heroes" is McCree!  It's McCweek. The group goes over how to be the most rootin' tootin' cowboy this side of the Rio Grande. Multi actually gets kind of excited to play him when the Beta comes back (MAYBE).

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Thanks again to John Horstmann for joining us! You can follow him on Twitter @kickedtripod, and be sure to tune into his excellent BlizzPro podcasts as well, The Payload @PayloadPodcast, and Well Met! A Hearthstone Podcast @WellMetPodcast.